Thu, 06/26/2014 - 04:18 -- Tanssia

You with the faces.


Cry if you wanna cry. Yell if you're angry. Punch me in the face if I say something wrong. 

Looking at me with those blank eyes and smiling cheeks pisses me off.

Because I know it's all an act.

I've been there.

We've ALL been there. 

You're gonna explode one day.

Or worse, you're gonna disappear and no one will know.

Or even worse than that, no one will care.

But I do. Right now. Right here. 

I know you're frustrated when you speak and no one seems to hear.

I know you feel like shrinking into yourself when someone cuts you off. 

I know you look towards the sky because those darned tears start leaking when you hear them speaking behind your back.

I know you feel that hurt when you call to someone and he can't remember your name.

I know you want to die when your birthday goes by and no one says anything. 

I KNOW. Gosh, I FREAKING know. 

Call me coward, all this time for not saying something sooner. But I'm saying something now.

I care.

I know.



I'm calling it. 




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