I'm Back and Stronger

Hey, remember me?

I don’t know how I’ve changed, but I’m back and stronger, I don’t cry at nights anymore, I can tell you to leave me alone and I’m done with you!

Hey, you! Remember I couldn’t do anything for myself?

Well now I’m doing everything for myself!

I can put my foot down and say I’m doing better than those who would tell me I couldn’t!

I have no limits, you’re crazy

I tried to hide my pain and was hopeless but I’m back and stronger.

But trust me I didn’t change a thing about myself, I just came back better than ever

I literally tell everyone my opinion about them now and I would not have thought about that a year ago.

I’m back and stronger & on top of the world!


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This poem really helped me see how strong you are. You can do anything as long as you try! You are an amazing writer you should keep it up!

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