I'm afraid

I’m afraid

I’m afraid of speaking

Of letting people know my thoughts and feelings

Letting people in and letting them see

All my fears and insecurities

All my hopes and dreams

I’m afraid of getting too close

Knowing it’ll hurt when they go

When they leave

Because everybody leaves

I’m used to being alone yet still I’m scared

Scared that when I awake they’ll no longer be there

I’m scared of people

What they think and what they know

What they feel and what they show

Being around groups makes me anxious

My heart speeds up

Just by being around people

I get dizzy and I can’t breathe

Yet still I speak

I let them know

Careful of the emotions I choose to show

I let people in and beg them not to go

I’ll keep them close

Even through I’m afraid that one day

They won’t feel the same

I show them my love

My thoughts and emotions for them

I let them in

I let them in

I let them in and they let me in

And it’s okay

I may shake when I speak but I’m stronger each day

I may get dizzy around people but I’ll still go

Having all eyes on me may make me want to cry and hide

But still I stand

But still I stand with dry eyes standing tall and proud

I’ll make my voice loud

I’ll make myself be heard

No matter how hard how scary it may get

I’ll speak

I’ll let people know my thoughts and my emotions

I’ll make them want to stay

I’ll say my hopes, my dreams, and my insecurities

And when they leave I’ll be okay

Because I know that the ones that matter

Will always stay


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