That's the target I've been given
Watching the world go by through this dark depression
There's so much more to my mission
Refusal to be refuse
Conclude exuberance
Its the only for of self-enlightenment
Shelves of vitamins
Doesn't stop the self violence
Deadly violins play the choir essence
Viola is the miniature blessings
Of sweet sounds in the eardrum of earth
Unearthed bottle of rum cause less self worth and less youth work
We lobe in a time of certain uncertainty
Its not a mockery when your gran ran out of food pottery
Only way for me to vent is through poetry
Still as I battle anxiety
Nothing shall get me down on my knees
Something told myself to breath with ease this time
Maybe these are all demons within me
Causing my heart to freeze

Then again it all depended on what you see

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Our world
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Mohamed Tahir

This is my own personal poem

Annette M Velasquez

This is a powerful message delivered through eloquent language and unique, unusual rhymes. I like the innovative style of this, but also the honesty and clarity.

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