Recently I met a friend

Ana was her name

She introduced me to another, mia,

The two, almost the same.


They told me of the perfect girl

Put pictures in my head

Her body looked flawless, but I didn’t know

That she bore scars of red.


Then Ana said that i

Could be so flawless too

And Ana took me by the hand

I let her guide me through.


The pain was so intense

I struggled to get free

But suddenly, this evil mia

Snatched ahold of me.


And though I fought, with all my strength

I slowly became thin

But I couldn’t help but think

I really wanted it within.


I tried to rip my arms

from their agonizing grasp

But  their nails became claws

And tore at my aching flesh.


And from that moment on

Neither one would stop the slashing

And on my wrists still

Is the feeling of their scratching.


But then I realized at once

Perfection lay ahead

So I stopped, and let them take me

And always bare the scars  of red.


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