I'll Promise You a Home

It's okay to walk down the wrong path,

or to find yourself spiraling through never ending black holes,

or to climb steep mountains,

without an end in sight.

It's okay to have your heart broken,

and for the pieces to be scattered among different cities,

different roads,

and different people.

It's okay to not understand your own thoughts,

or to feel scared by your own dreams and aspirations.


Because one day,

you will find your home. 

And when you look them in the eyes,

you will finally feel found,

and no longer lost.


Because home isn't always a place.

It is where you feel safe,

where you feel protected,

and held together.


A home will keep you.

They will not let you leave or let you get lost again.


Because your home will stare at you,

with deep loving eyes,

and remind you why you started your journey in the first place.


So it's okay to walk through the forbidden path,

and to stumble through the cloudy forest.

It's okay to have to get your heart stitched back together after countless tears and emotional abuse.

It's okay to be intimidated by your own mind.


And it's okay to feel lost,

just promise me to keep moving forward.


Because I promise you,

a home is there to find you.

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