I'll know

When I find someone who makes me feel the way my best friend does,

I'll know.

When my laughter feels like earthquakes forming in my body,

When I enjoy this present reality,

I'll know. 

When my favorite image is a face, 

When sleeping is no longer a welcome escape,

I'll know.

When my thoughts come in gentle waves, 

Instead of being shredded by shards of glass-sharp pain,

I'll know.

When someone puts those shards back together,

When I'm as open and free as I am with her,

I'll know. 

When seperation and change,

Floods my body with fear, drives me insane,

I'll know.

When I fall asleep at 5am,

A smile baked on my face,

I'll know.

When my world slows,

Worries become insignificant, warm and soft,

I'll know.

When doing nothing feels like adventure,

And I'm as completely content as I am with her,

I'll know.

When I experience complete acceptance,

Regardless of past bruises and current gashes,

When they find beauty in my pile of scorched ashes,

I'll know.

When I'm willing to bleed, 

Uproot my firmly planted seeds,

When they become another reason to breathe,

I'll know.

When one person becomes all I need,

And their pronoun is he, 

I'll know.

I'll know I've found the one.

This poem is about: 
My family


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