I'll hurt


United States
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I'll make you worry

 Make you cry

 Leave you asking yourself why 

Lengthen days 

Brighten beds\

Jumble thoughts inside your head

 I'll tie a string around your heart

 Tighten it till it breaks apart

 I'll leave you bleeding on the floor

 A warning I'd given before

 I'll do these things without a single

    Word by letting our hands mingle

 Intentions good like you thought before

 But neither one know what's in store

 And I will crumble through the lies

 And cry as I apologize  

Beg not forgiveness, beg you to leave

 Like sand between a metal sieve  

So your suffering will live no more 

I'll point you to an open door 

And remind you if you chose to stay 

I don't know any other way   



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