I'll get there eventually



I may not have a loud voice, but my passion speaks louder than any. 

My passion involves others and helping them through hard times. 

I may not have my degree yet, but I will stop at nothing to get it. 

The problem is, my passion is a joke to the higher ups. 


My passion is not covered by most insurance companies, so most people can't afford to spend a penny. 

Mental helath is not taken seriously, often blamed for crimes. 

My new goal is to stop the bigger problem at hand, a big goal I admit. 

I might still be a kid to you, but trust me I can play with the grownups. 


It's time to speak up, time to rise for the minority. However, they don't know how many. 

If I succeed then many lives with be affected for the better, lifetimes. 

If I fail, I won't quit. 

It's that simple, time to raise our cups. 

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My country
Our world
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