I'll Do Anything! Just Don't Take My Ankle!

Walk the walk

Without it, I can’t.

Talk the talk

Without it, I shan’t.


We all have one.

Actually, two!

A gift for fun.

And shuffling, too!


Can you guess?

Can you really?

I bet yes.

We need it dearly.


Rhymes with mangle.

Did you figure?

It’s an ankle!

When hit, it’s bigger.


I was hit.

It was sprained.

Wasn’t lit.

My days rained.



I couldn’t.


I shouldn’t.


The things I love

Became obsolete.

I look above

As I take a seat.


I think of the gym.

I think of my runs.

My days feel so dim.

I can’t work my buns!


I’m stuck in my bed

And big scary crutches.

It’s not in my head

This is what my crutch is.


I need to recover.

I miss my poor feet.

A kiss from my mother

The boo-boo retreats.


Now I know


The sorry woe

Of one ankle sore.


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Good one. I hate it when I can't work my buns.


Haha thank you!

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