I'll Call It a Family

Running is a cruel and grueling sport.

Many look at those who run and think we're crazy

Most days, us runners think about our lives and wonder why we are so stupid

Inflicting such misery on ourselves



Nothing brings two people closer than spending

Hours alone

Talking, telling stories, gasping,

Delving into the great mystery of the future, dealing with crisis,

And even discussing the tiny details of life


Nothing brings seven people closer

Than easing nerves, steadying wills, 

And depending on each other to be completely spent at the end of a race

Working together to become faster, stronger, more efficient

Believing in each other

Losing and winning as one entity


No one understands

Quite like a fellow team mate 

No one can console

Quite like a fellow team mate

To the point where team mate doesn't seem an adequate title anymore


A team mate is a sister

And a team is a happy safe haven

Supportive and dependable

A family


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