Il mio amore



I can go through the motions,

But am I really processing?


I slowly fade out my surroundings,

And all that I can focus on is… 



Every witty response that I use is suddenly far from my grasp,

I actually struggle forming words,

I’ve never done that before.


I’ve never had to actually take time and think about how to say something,

It’s always come so naturally to me.

Every thought that is in my head disappears,


I think I’m,

I think that just maybe,

Just maybe… 

I might be,

Feeling love.


A sweet feeling of warmth that surrounds me,

I’m finally not cold.

I’m actually happy.


Really happy.


It’s almost like I was pulled out of the coldness of depression,

The dark isn’t so scary anymore.

The light isn’t so petrifying anymore.

I finally found a sweet spot of comfort in the light,

No longer is it filled with anxiety,


You’re there.


Words can’t even begin to describe what I’m feeling.

It’s like I’m nervous,

Yet not filled with nerves one bit.

My heart skips a beat when you smile.

I want to cry out of joy when I see you happy,

There in my arms,

I can look down at you,


And my whole world stops,

And maybe,

Just for a moment,

Everything stops,

And all I can even do is smile at you.


I never knew what it was like to be able to smile for no reason,

And then I met you.

I wish that I had the confidence to tell you every single thing,

Because I know that if I did,

You would smile even more.


A hopeless romantic turned into a hopeful romantic, 

With just six little words,

Scribbled out in a language only we knew.


I didn’t know that someone could make me this happy,

But I guess that I didn’t account for you.

I can see colors as vibrant as everyone else can now,

The world is so much more different than it was before.


And all I can do,

Is thank you for letting me into your life,

Thank you for giving me a chance.


Il mio amore.


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