Ignore Or Acknowledge Me

 I met you on the first day of school

So when I saw you I said yeah you were cool

Couple weeks later I started liking you

I was scared but nervous but I continued to like you 

Then I said maybe I should get to know you 

We talked more n more everyday but very little 

I feel as if put my all into what's not there

I find it sad that we will never be one

It's also heartbreaking when I see u move on to someone new

I feel as if I have a hopeless crush on you that will never ever come true

But one question 

Do you feel the same way that I feel for you.


Why do I tend to like people who don't even like me for me 

I feel like I try to much to get someone and that's just not me

I see all my friends in relationships and just say in my head damn wish that was me 

When my crush finds out I like them I get called names 

Well guess what i know I'm big i know I'm fat

 try again because guess what I love me for who I am 

god made me this way and I respect it each and everyday 

So if you don't like go ahead and move on

Because that girl that you are about to move on with have nothing that I can't bring to the table.


I asked you for your number and you gave it to me 

You seemed kind of happy to give it to me 

I thought that because you smiled and said do you know how to spell my name 

I replied no I'm just going to put your incials

We started to text everyday then it changed to phone calls everyday

I asked if you talked to someone you said yes but you do your own things because she be on n off

When I say I think I cared to much 

I mean I helped you picked up your responsibility such as waking you up when u fall asleep in class, texting you to remind you to do your homework, not to quit your job just push through it, 

I don't understand why I felt the need to do that 

but I just did this is what I mean when I said I cared to much 

Now that I got you stuck in my head

Since we used to talk 

Now every time that I check the clock 

You pop right up n I now what you're doing at that particular moment


It really kills me how I have to walk past you everyday in the halls without saying hi 

My body my mind just burns inside with anger

Because I want you to at least acknowledge me 

I think you feel some type of way

Because when we see each other we quickly glanced at each other 

Also when we see each other in class we try hard not to make contact but we do just for a couple of seconds 

I really want to talk to you but you talk to someone else 

Friends say just talk to her as friends but I can't talk to someone I like as friends 

Since you talk to someone else I guess I have to know my place and accept the fact that you moved on 


Nobody knows that I feel this way until now 

Want to know why 

It's because I come to school all happy and pretend I'm good funny just this boss bitch you know one of those touch me I'll beat yo ass type of mood 

But dEEP down inside I'm hurt in pieces

 I just want to cry when I see u I've literally listened from Avril Lavigne Girlfriend out of anger 

To all the sad songs-Trey Songz, Usher, Tamar Braxton, Ariana Grande, Mariah Carry, Jacquees, Beyoncé 

and I still can't get you out Of my head 


As we are in class I sit behind you 

As I said I want you to acknowledge me 

I sit and wait for you to say something to me but instead you don't 

Like I said before i feel like i have a hopeless crush that's never ever going to happen 

I think that we had something gong on but I guess we don't 

Everyday I want to text you so bad but if I do that I'm just making another mistake

Why is it that us humans tend to have feelings for someone who don't have the same back

Why can't we control our feelings that's just one thing I hate


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