If You Were A Book

If you were a book, you would be a limited edition, original, leather-bound manuscript.

The kind solely found in the back of an antique bookstore.

Your binding would be sturdy, still firmly holding all of your pages together.

You would be embellished with bright, rich tones, beckoning readers to your story.

As evidence of your passage through time, your pages would be warped.

Indicative of some mistreatment that you have endured, your edges would be scuffed up. 

Nevertheless, with one look at your cover, readers would be drawn into your pages.

However, upon discovering the script that lies within they would be astounded.

The wholesomeness and beauty that would radiate from your cover would enshroud your true script.

Readers know that a conflict element is necessary for a good story.

However, to find such dismal and destitute chapters inside such a beautiful, bright, and warm cover would be confounding. 

No, it would be inspirational. 

It is inspirational.

Love you, Bro



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