If You Looked Me In The Eyes


United States
37° 5' 24.864" N, 95° 42' 46.4076" W
If you looked me in the eyes And stared for a while You could see my story 
The pain The suffering The love The anguish The heartache 
And If you listened for a while You could be able to hear the unheard The unspoken
The doubt The reason And Sometimes
people say the pain will go away 
But in the end it never does It only hides, it only moves deeper into your heart 
Making it harder to see, to realize that it exists But it strengthens, grows to be more intense, quicker to feel, easier for her heart to shatter to break
Easier for her to fall and to never rise again
And what can keep a person like that going We will never know, even she does not KNOW But she walks and she moves and she ducks and she covers and she waits and she cries and she screams
And she continues to love the people around her Who in a second will turn their back on her It's a cyle, its a lifestyle its the way of life IT IS LIFE It is lust Lies Tears 
It is love 
And with love, a price 
A piece if not whole, of your heart 
To be given away 
To never be seen again 
Lurking, creeping, crawling
The shadow 
Following you everywhere you go 
The path you'll always see
ALWAYS follow 
And we can never change what has already been done 
We cannot change the path 
We as people cannot change the way of life
It is the way 
It is the light 
The dark 
The moon the stars 
The sky the sun the rain the fall 
The scraps the cuts the wounds 
The burn, the fire 
It is that buzzing sound that will never go away 
That gnawing, the poking the pushing the shoving 
The temptation 
The hope 
The hope that he will change for me 
That she will change for me 
That if they love me they'll fight for me
They'll stay 
They'll beg and plead 
Have mercy on me 
And the games will be played 
They will be played , and you will lose 
And lose and lose and lose 
Because that's all your good at ,
All youll ever be good at 
There is no hope for you 
So why have faith in something 
That will never come 
Give up Give up 
Let this be over 
Just let me win 
Just let yourself lose 
Once again , it won't make a difference 
It won't hurt 
Not too much anyways 
I mean how badly can it hurt , you've been hurt before 
This can't affect you 
And even if it does I don't care 
I don't know you they say 
I don't need or want or care to know her or him or them 
Or anyone because all I need is me 
And with happiness comes a price 
Life comes with a price 
That's just how it is 
That's just how LIFE IS 
She is not immune to pain 
She is not immune to love 
She's just waiting for that day when she will win 
When that cycle will be broken 
When she can release all her pain 
And That's the day when she can truly let go 

And be HAPPY


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