If you knew black history


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Only if you knew. Only if you knew what we had to endure, whipped as a slave as my knees hit the floor. Getting back on my feet was more than ashore, as the hate spreads through the mouths like a cold sore. But my heart is never broken, to my spirit is relentless, the flame that I ignite, wouldn’t have an ignition. Because I pump the blood to all my hearts as if I was a piston; but guess who’s really missing? A pill would kill, but beating Emmitt, til you cracks open his head for speaking at his own will, would still, be different if it was black on black crime, why’d they have to killem at least give him some time, is this even a rhyme? Nawh, this is to the race who thinks they a dominate prime, don’t you have some grief and grim? I guess not time.

I guess not time.


They didn’t expect much from us but defeat, but we overturned those limits by learning how to speak. When we escaped it wasn’t with great belief. You gotta watch before you teach, gone head Luther preach. Tellem what you think. So we spoke up, when they didn’t think we’d fight, but we can only take so much until we go ripe. Battling for the civil war, fighting for our rights. How you think I learned how to type? Rosa wasn’t playing that night. Yea, so everybody stood up, even thought the last in line, but be patient because the good don’t come easy, everything takes time. We were nothing but a lump a coal, waiting a diamond to shine. Guess who stood like Optimus Prime, with optimistic crimes that wouldn’t resign or decline? The black man. We stand as a pack man. As if we were wolfs or a stack man. Fall back man. Im proof that  the black can.

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