If You Could See The Real Me


If you could see the true me you'd see the broken girl

you'd see the mask she stands behind thats been cracked so many times 

you'd see the misery

you'd see the heartache 

you'd see the broken smile that i have to wear 

you'd see the dusted halls and narrow alleys

you'd see the real me 

you'd see the music lover, the writer, the singer, the actor, the dancer 

you'd see someone who stands strong in spite of all those who knocked her down

you'd see the scars , the tears, the hidden emotions 

you'd learn of the stories , the abuse . the bullying 

you'd learn that even after brushing it off its still hard to hear it 

you'd learn that self-esteem is the lowest and that i hate myself for it 

you'd learn that im a fighter who wants to travel the world

you'd learn that despite all that has happen im stronger then ever because i have dreams that i pray will come true with a little elbow grease and good luck. 


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