If you could only read my mind...

Ms._______   can  I use the bathroom?

"I don't know can you? I would hope so.."

You want me to piss on the desk?


Mr._______   may I get a drink of water?

"Don't be long"

I won't I'm just going to walk the halls

just a bit...

I'll see you in 20.


Mrs._______ you mispelled something on the board...

"Oh so suddenly we no longer need teachers?!"

Apparently if I can spell better than you...

and write better...

and dress better....

What's wrong with your husband??? Why you???


Mr________   I'm lost can you explain that again?

"Maybe you'd understand better if you talked less

and took off your hat"

Maybe I'd talk less if people understood your work.

I'll take off my hat

when you take off your hair piece.


Dr.________   physics is a lot of "theories" so how is it an official science?

"Your skin color is a theory and so is your existance,

but it still counts"

So does how badly I want to punch you in the throat.


"Why have you been acting out?"

Teachers are answering my questions with stupid answers.

"Don't ask stupid questions then"

You paid for your certificate and you not even a cop...



.....If they could only read my mind. *sigh*


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