If Someone Knew….

I don’t know why,

I even bother waking up sometimes.

I roll out of bed and go to school with this fake smile on.

I wear my fake smile so no one questions me.

If asked what's wrong,

I could easily break down.

Just to believe that you didn’t want me,

kills me inside everyday.

To know I was a mistake and never meant to be,

from two teenagers that didn’t give a damn.

I’m still here, you must live with your mistake now,

you must look her in the eyes everyday knowing shell never forgive you.

Its so painful for you that you must numb yourself.

Bring yourself into a different world that these substances create.

Because she wasn’t supposed to be here,

and now you can't provide enough for her.

To know I live in a house where I’m not wanted or welcomed,

tears me up inside enough to make me want to leave.

Leave and never even think about coming back.

Back to this hell hole.

No one could imagine what i deal with everyday,

the pain the misery, and most the loneliness.

No one knows how hard it is to wake up.

if only someone know.


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