If only this wasn't a dream....

Sun, 12/01/2013 - 19:49 -- arika f

Peace and sincerity......

Demoralized in a world,

Of where women strive for parity

But become deprived, by the world


In hopes of better days

Maintaining faith, all though sometimes it may astray 

We pray, hoping some way, we may see the day


Of where, we're treated equal

Looked at as better people

Loved for our flaws, and all

Hopping our love story, may have a sequel


True love is hard to find

And rare of its kind,

Most believe in love at first sight

And some stare, and become blind


But through it all

We strive, We strive  to feel complete 

And treated like the queens that we are

from the crown's on our heads to the soles of our feet


If only this wasn't a dream......



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arika f

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