if only jimminy cricket was her conscience

hush...be silent for the next minute or two...

relax...it wont take long

i promise all of the sadness will dissappeare soon 

just be brave

and get it done.

rip off the bandaid

no, you dont know whats on the other side

where youll be going from here

but anywhere is better than the pace you are at...

and the temporary discmfort of a rope around your neck

will be payed off when its all done.

this noose is your wand

with it your dreams will come true

this razor is a star 

that you whisper wishes to in the night

this gun

is a priod at the end of this run n sentence

its about time its just over


is not an option anymore

my your patience is gone

and you have no where left to go.

so hush...relax...

feel your wishes come true

pop a couplef bottles

and softly droft away...




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