if only i could realize the potential I contained

She smiled,she laughed,
Such a happy human being,
She longed to see others smile,
Even if she was bleeding,
She was different, she was weird,
In everyone's eyes,
They failed to see what she possed inside,
What she would always hide,
Such dark secrets,
she wouldn't dare tell,
She hid them well,
like a turtle in its shell,
But those secrets are what made her strong,
Sometimes she felt like she didn't belong,
She couldn't see what everyone else did,
She had a heart like an innocent kid,
Its been so long since she'd been love,
She resembled an angel from up above,
Her smile could brighten up your day,
But she hated it,so she hid it away,
She had been through so much pain,
when she cried it was as if rain,
You can see the hurt when you look in her eyes,
But in her something very special lies,
She doesnt know it just yet,
But soon she will,that i bet,
For this girl so young yet wise,
Can see right through you when she looks in your eyes,
She posses angelic wings inside,
That will make her soar far and wide,
One day you'll see it, her and you,
She'll be amazed that she never knew,
She'll smile forever,with content in her eyes,
For she can finally be set free,
Not just for her but for me.

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