If my Selfie Could Speak


What you see

What it is behind it all.


A simple smile

Well, this is probably the most inauthentic smile I have ever produce,

But hey my teeth actually look straight and kind of white.



My makeup perfectly done

Hm, well if I take a selfie today I better have my makeup spot on.

Ew, that means I will be wearing makeup today.


My face to the sun for the perfect lighting

Oh god this is bright,

My eyes are watering,



My tamed eyebrows,

You have no clue how many times I fixed my eyebrows.

Probably at least once between every picture.


My seemingly long eye lashes

Oh yeah those?

Those suckers are normally blonde,

But I introduced them to 20 pounds of mascara for this.


A cute shirt

Honestly, I probably put this shirt on for the selfie.

I probably took it off as soon as I was done.


My hair that seems to be doing everything right

I promise you I am hiding something about my hair,

And that it was put into an awful bun once I got the best picture.


The witty cute caption

I texted five friends about it

And maybe even did an hour of researching for it,

Looking up song lyrics and movie quotes.


The Selfie

That is what I want you to see,

Because I have come to believe that the filtered perspective is better.


Looking back I don't even like it that much.


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