If I Wrote You a Love Poem/Maxwell

Love poems are something I struggled with. Whenever I thought I found love it was the stereotype of every Nicholas Sparks-esque novel and we all know how true those prove to make us every hue of black and blue and boo how on you for ever thinking you doing love true I always thought to myself. I always found infatuation in the most "unexpected" places. I thought I found love over a shared jacket at that football game, I thought I found love when I cheered for you in the blistering heat and pouring rain, I thought I found love when I saw you every day and you talked to me about your existential crisis expressing deadpan pain, I didn't. I found love when I realized I could write a love poem for the first time in my life without the sinking regret, jaded pain, and love induced nausea four months later. I never wrote you a love poem or gave you one though I've had the intent to I swear it.


Now lemme tell you.


If I were to write you a love poem I'd do something from the heart. Something that takes everyone and sets you apart. Something to describe the things I love-ove-ove of you. I'd tell you how I drown and melt in your honey eyes, how they're like sunset golden skies, I'd tell you how I love the way you hands trace mine and how I adore the way our fingers weave and padlock together, I'd tell you how I love the way your arms wrap around me perfectly and how we fit like missing puzzle pieces, I love you.


If I were to write you a love poem, it'd be something spectacular. How you perfectly work with me and out my heart bum-bum-bum-der attack. I see you and hear a symphony of the world's population of bass players in my head playing along with the drum corps in my chest, pounding away trying to sound their best, skipping beats, bass players in sync, you're the only thing to keep me going when days fade into each other and I can't remember the last time I got up, you're the first person to love me who didn't turn a love poem into tragedy, I love you.


If I were to write you a love poem, it'd be something meaningful, you're above the bar you're up to par, copious feelings you gave me, now I'm dealing with my heart you're stealing it's hard concealing what I call charm how appealing you are I'd lasso the stars for you got my heart all you gotta do is try not to break it into in two, I love you.


youve made yourself into my home, you've become my moon and my sun, if I wrote you a love poem, sweetheart, it'd be like this one.

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