If I were gone....

It feels like I'm spiraling down
Toward the floor
I can’t stay here in this world
It's a hard time for me
As anyone else

I want to stand but my legs won’t let me
I want to walk away from this pain
But I can't
I'm stuck here in this life
With these people
I call family

I don't know how long this will go on
But I can’t take it any more
I need to breathe
Falling closer
Feels like quicksand
I can't turn back now

This is the last stand
I'm down for the count
For life
It's good bye now
I must go

I never know if I will be back
But I want to say good bye to you
My family
My friends

Now that I'm finally gone
Are you happy?
You ignored me for so long
You never have to see me again

All your dreams came true
The person you saw as invisible
Is now truly invisible
But now that I'm not there
You will notice

Notice what you lost
What you loved
And what you miss
If I do come back
Will you be different?
Will you love me for me?
Will you be the one to say 'i love you' first

Or will it be old times
Will I stand there?
Asking for your attention
And all I get is a glare
That glare that kills me
And even you

But I won't come back
I will stay here
And make you suffer
Like I did for so long

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