If I Were to DieIf


If I Were to Die

If I were to die

I would want you in my arms, next to me, close to me, never leaving my side

I would tell you countless times that I love you

then wipe the tears from your eyes

I would hold your hand and entwine your fingers with mine

I would tell you many things that I wanted to do with you while alive

Tell you adventures and trips we would take knowing its too late to plan

Then I would tell you that I wanted to marry you knowing that I would never have enough time

Then when you look into my eyes, tears overflowing both yours and mine,

and as if life where timing our moment of goodbye

the feeling of a sharp pain in my heart would wake me up

and i would at that moment understand

you were my life, my dream, my start and beginning

I love you in a slow whisper i’ll say

                  Then close my eyes as I say my final goodbye


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