If I Said


If I said I was a leader 
would you follow. 
If I said I was inspiring 
would you listen.
If I said I was a Christian 
would you believe me.
If I said I supported 
would you accept me.

If I said I had a gun 
would you shoot me,
cause you judged me, 
I mislead you 
because I decide 
to put my hood up. 
If I said I have no drugs 
would you still pull me over,
and accuse me of having drugs
in my glove department.
You don't understand. 
you ain't got no witness.
to heck with your business. 
I do know my rights 
yet I refuse, to remain silent,
no I'm not violent.
now may I go 
or am I such a show. 

If I said I was a man 
would you let me stand.
If I said I was successful 
would you let me fail. 
If I said I cared
would you trust me.
If I said I was free
would you let me be.
If I said I had no fears 
would you comfort me.

If I said I couldn't fight 
would you stand by me,
fight with me,
die for me, 
or would you sit back 
and relax 
act like you weren't there.
If I said you were my friend 
would you become my foe 
just because we fought 
and never made up,
never had the guts, 
so we just shut 
each other out. 
Or would you go the extra step 
to be my homie 
and say sorry 
even if I'm the one 
who messed up.

If I said I couldn't fly 
would you jump anyway. 
If I said I was sorry 
would you accept it.
If I said I was wrong 
would I be right.
If I said it's all a act 
would you wanna see the real me.




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