If I Had Your Lips On Mine

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 18:37 -- Sydkay2

If I had your lips on mine
Everything would be just fine
Now, wouldn’t it be just divine, if I could have your lips on mine?
Wouldn’t it be so good if you weren’t considered “from the hood”?
Wouldn’t it be grand if I wasn’t as white as sand?
And all these people wouldn’t judge
All these people would understand our love
We feel the way we feel
It is no joke, no play, no hoax
Our love is real.
Our colors are different, we aren’t the same
But that doesn’t make our love some game
We define love the same as you
When you feel like you’re brand new, accepted, and cared for
Heck, I’ve had some white guys treat me like a whore
But he is so different from them all
I know that it’s ok to fall
For when I do, he’ll catch me
And when we get all those stares
He knows exactly what to say to make me shed not one tear
He is black and I am white
I yearn for the day when that’ll be alright
When love will be… just love
It will not be defined by race
Instead it will be defined by its strength and grace
And there will be no lines to confine
We will be free to live out our life happily
We will hear no hate or prejudice
Everyone will be just fine with this
With us
With black and white
And red and gray
And blue and orange
And purple and pink
Sometimes you just have to think,
What would the world be like if everyone was treated equal?
If everyone was treated right?


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