If I had the power to change one thing



If I had the chance to change one thing it would be changing people's minds. The generalization of why I want to change people minds comes from the acts of people who kill innocent people just because their minds are programmed to do so. Will how can I change that: will it be by talking to them and guiding them to the right way. But Ooh I forgot that I can be killed as well by them. I guess there is no way to change them. When I tried to change them I regret it because I lost everyone that I love.People use there minds for only horrible acts instead of using it to do the right thing; which characterizes them as ignorant people. But even educated people characterize those people as being sick with a mental disorder instead of providing a punishment. Let the ignorant be educated so that they know the right from wrong. I am helpless by my actions but my writing can be heard than my loud voice.



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