If I Had A Graduation Speech

I wish I knew high school musical was just a dream and the reality of it all is more like a horror movie.  I never expected to be working like I'm a college student already breaking my back and staying up past 3am to finish homework. 

I never expected a number to be so damn important that

it determines my entire life.  I never expected to be single for this long and like having no one to buy things foror worry about what they are going to get me. I never expected school to be the reason to make me depressed. I never expected high school to be when I discovered who I was and what I liked. I never expected to have the ability to stand up for myself and tell someone that I hate doing something. High school sucks and life could always be better, but if I had the opportunity to change it, I wouldn't change a thing. I've survived this long, and I can finally say I'm happy. I love the people I have met, and the things I've already done. I'm telling you today, don't take for granted what has been given to you because it could be so much worse. And standing here today, we must be doing something right.  

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