If I ever.


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If I ever see him again id ask why he wasn’t dead yet
For a man so committed, he should have lied to rest
Just like how she passed, how he made her fall victim
The way he touched her small hand and tainted the skin
The way her beautiful eyes caressed every moment
The way the poison sunk in, until she couldn’t breath without it
The way her body fell slumped over and cold, in a mere 20 seconds

If I ever see him again

I don’t know if I could hold back, the anger that wreaks havoc inside
And the blood that should be pulsing in her heart, is the same as mine
To bite the hand that fed her death, to seize every second of it
The memories that flash in my every few moments, the mines that were hers
And the when and the ifs, the world we had created and the reason I lived
And he stole it from me. Every last drop, I hope it wont ease his so called pain
I hope he feels so much worse, so when I spit on him he’ll beg for me to curse
Out and beat him to death, I wanna see him grovel like a pig for some rest
I wanna see him try to cry for what he stole from me and the world

If I ever see him again

She was never tragedy bound she was bound to be free
To prove to the rest of the world that she could pull through
She and I, we were plain walkers birds without wings
She was the fire that made my world ignite, and sing
She deserved to keep going to keep on breathing she did everything she could
To make you see something different
Words and judgements pulled her down and I lifted her up
She deserved so much better than what you all gave her
What cuz the way she dressed or the way she thought of things
You must be kidding with me if you say you saw something
Cuz if you did you would have told her would have needed her air to breathe
Like me, her smile made me crack like glass, made the world seem clear
And the earth seem flat, now she is held in a place where I cannot reach her, a place where I wish I could be with her. No shes not real in my memories she was real when she was here, she was real when I felt her and the skin felt so soft, so perfect and clean so beautiful and bright and now my purpose is gone. My whole world has crashed down but that’s fine cuz without her my world means nothing.

If I ever him again

It would be the first time Id laugh again
Id grin so big that it would suck him in
Because He may beg and he may grovel
And he may kiss the ground above her grave
But he will never have her the way I saw her everyday
He will never know whats left when your just pain
He can lay in the memories of her pushing him away
And her screaming, and hating him, hating his name

If I ever see him again
I think Id just walk away, hold hands with my man
And smile and say
Something beautiful has gone,but she is my everyday


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