If I could have one

If I could have one wish

It would be to kiss her sweet lips

To tell her every secret my heart holds

To hold her slim body close

I wonder how such a strong organ could go weak

could go weak from one touch

How could one touch have me on my knees

How could one smile imprison me

Yet make me feel so free


The heart is an organ that pumps blood through your chest

Yet one day a person could put that organ to the test

They make your heart question your mind

They make you race with time

My heart skips beats when she's next to me

My mind freeze when she talks to me

How could one person captivate me

Yet make me feel so free


I wonder if this is what love feels like

Time freezes as if it was ice

Her smile corrupts my mind

Her eyes send chills down my spine

Her kiss speaks to my lungs

She takes my breath away

Yet my life has just begun

She takes control of me




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