If I Could Change Fear

Go away fear,

You have no right to be here

All you do is hurt and mame

I wish fear was something much more tame, but all my fears remain,

The same

Have caution, it's logic, but fear is not logical

If I could, by definition, rearrange,

These fears we have,

So much would change

Fear makes us selfish, it makes us want, like a child

Fear makes us dangerous, unpredictable and wild

If fear was the instinct that made us more aware,

People would be so bad,

It's okay to be scared

But being scared is often like dying,

Especially when battling unreasonable fears

It's impossible to reason when your mind is crying,

All you want is to fall away like one of your tears

What if we didn't let fear have such power?

It can't make us cry and it can't make us cower

No one got anywhere by hiding from life

But it would be easier if I could stand the sight of a knife

So if I could change fear,

We could gain so, much, more

It would be like closing one window, then opening every door




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