If I am Dreamin'

The day started smooth and had a groove reminiscent of rythm & blues.

The day kicked off right, it was bright, so bright that it would have lit the sky on the darkest of nights.

Seein the world through rose colored glasses.
Seein the world the way I always envisioned it.

People leading altruistic lives, living to serve the masses.
People knowing their worth, how beautiful they truly are.

Misfortune was a word scratched from the dictionary today.
A Miss told my fortune and it said I would see the human spirit shine from a far.

If I am dreamin let me sleep in.
If this is reality let me keep breathin.

Spirituality stopped being a debate of whose theology was right and who was living wrong.

Spirituality was shown in its rawest form, it was the catalyst for getting the human race on the same wave length.

Beating to the same tune, we all danced in the streets movin our feet.
Beatin up ourselves was a thing of the past, we treated ourselves, we showed strength.

Social class didnt exist,
monetary wealth was powerless,
we were all equal regardless of creed or color.

Social class is now a classroom where we sought to be enlightened and learned from one another.

Today is a day I wouldnt trade for anything.
Today is a day I would trade anything, to see it again and again.

If I am dreamin let me sleep in.
If this is reality let me keep breathin.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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