If He Were A She.

If he were a she would you still have voted me homecoming princess

If he were a she would you still voted me into class council

If he were a she would you still want to be my teammate in cheerleading

If he were a she would my parents still love me

If he were a she would I still be the same person to you


You favorite my tweets about me falling for him

You ask me how my date went with my mystery boy

You are so excited I am finally finding love

You do not know he is not a he but a beautiful she

You dis the lesbian community infront of my face

You do not know the secrete pain I feel


I want to hold her hand in public

I want to tweet 'she' and not 'he'

I want people to see our love

I want them to realize it is valid and real

I am sorry my love

I am sorry I hide our love

I am not ashamed to love you

I am ashamed of the hate our society has


One day I promise I will come clean

One day I will scream from the highest mountain and confess my love

One day our love will no longer be hidden

One day our love will out weigh the hate

One day it will not matter that


He is a she.


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