Idols and Cultural Standards

Growing up idolizing Taylor Swift

She sure knew how to play the boy game

Maybe one day Prince Charming will get the drift

Girls wearing short shorts and crops, Sorry I shop that thrift

But I play an outsider not desperation shame

I ain't trying to blame

You probably think I am lame

How I ride my metal insolo shift 

 If only gentlemen still wanted to save a dame 

Instead of enjoying a one night stand testosterone lift



This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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thank you for sharing & promoting this poem to mvp group

it's catchy, funny, and yet truthful

poems with short verses can impace and raise awareness

like the rhymes of this piece, it flows along with the message you converying

thank you for promoting this poem, keep writing, 

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how you been?


This piece was a great combination of goofy and serious. Our adolescent brains naturally find someone to look up to, and as we grow we are expected to follow the trends. In the same breath, teens/young adults will face problems with love and lust-- knowing the difference between who is there for you. Ultimately, your poem dipicts a few struggles growing up and i appreciate you sharing your views on them. Continue the good work! 

MVP-Most Valuable Poet


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