Identity on Paper


Staff rush off to do it.

Foster parents wait until the last moment to do it

What requires the dreaded paperwork?


I do.

The system kid.

Anyone who has questions about me can find answers, if only on the paperwork

Just a number.

Just a letter.

Just a name.

I am the sytem kid.

Just a paper.

No ones kid.

Somewhere along the lines, they forgot to ask

Ask me who I am

They'd rather ask the rushed paperwork

The outdated refferals

The social worker I've had for 2 weeks

Years in the foster system and I've forgot

Who am I?

All I know is this girl on paper,

So the girl on the paper  must be me

but it feels wrong

The paperwork has the basics right

The birthdate,

The name,

The eyecolor

Bit it sure as hell don't feel like me

Who am I?

A piece of paper,

A refferal,

A number ,

A statistic ,

A system kid,

In the end I'll always be a system kid.

My identity lives... on a piece of paper

                                                                               -The Foster Kid

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