Identifying My Alibi

Wed, 11/12/2014 - 19:51 -- tanna99

Skin has a beguiling appeal

Silk and butter enthrall the lingering touch of another 
Bumps and bruises repose upon knee-caps slowly dissipate with the past
Underneath these fragile smile lines
This admirable thin tissue that appears 
Cloak a reality I've yet to face
Spontaneous, miscellaneous, rapid fire 
Shoot off inside an exterior that contains all matter
Bombarding a shield with rubber bands makes me feel safety 
Safety in knowing that my insides
Stay inside
My mask may be sun kissed and dewy  
However contrast is everlasting
There are two parts in valuable mixes dignifying my interior obscurity 
Karma, YinYang, black and blue
Can you tell me there's not another you?



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