Ideas of Reality


Little things , Just the little things
Waking up to a promised sunrise
To breathe in air that is granted 
Though without these things we would fall to demise
Look in front of you, just open your eyes
See the promised wake of a new day
To breathe the air of a new beginning 
Just try and realize that without these things we would fall to dismay 
Without your friends, just the people who care 
I wade through the shit of realty to hold your hand 
To get to you reach out take my hand
Though there's so much I feel I feel nothing but concern
Where is our sunrise? We question the smallest things
It isn't there because the universe is cruel
No, it isn't there because there's a reason it's gone
Open your eyes, take back your reality, your life is yours to rule
In this life we follow, we live what we think is right
But in the end you know this wont make you happy
Live the way you want to live its your will to fight 
Until you realize this, your pain will be your reality 


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