I'd rather be a Mommy

dare i say if

nd piss of thousands

of women marching

no man no cold assassin

career attackin life changing paper chasin

for me! I would much rather

lather lavishishly in the morning aromas of

Bacon & Eggs!

wisping up from my delicate

touch of love

the smell stumbling up levels above

to empty stomachs and open minds at rest

the rest of peaceful dreamland

my dream man my dream

is to be a Queen

queen of my own land

claimed by my own man of house

a.k.a the King

& together our kingdom rings of

ringlets of our princess

fury of our prince

heaven land and wrapped around their daddys adoration

mothers affection

Yes! I'd rather be Queen of my own Zion

while the other Eves of Athens

play the man to an empty Glory.


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