I'd Pour My Ink

Fri, 09/05/2014 - 16:42 -- l.c


If I could paint the world again

I'd draw your hand in mine.

And never would I forget, my friend

The ways we shared our time.


I'd pour my ink on time and space

I'd never blink and never trace


A single star would light the sky

It'd always shine and never die.


And next I think I will provide

Another moon, to change the tide


But be warned and beware.

For I do not know,

The power I share

Is the power I hold.


And if I bring you back alive

Would everything turn out just fine?


Or would my stars turn into dust?

Is this my love or a dying lust?


And see the moons, they'll start to fade

I guess it's time to end charades.


So now I guess I'll say good bye

And wait for christ to fetch me.

But while I live, you know I'll cry

And dye untill I reach thee.







This poem is about my best friend and how I know I'l feel once he is gone...To try and bring him back again is the only thing I'd wish to change. But to bring him back the way he was would simply just destroy me. He was born ill and is dying of an avioli and lung defection. He is now seventeen and the size of a three year old child. He wasn't meant to live passed a couple weeks at most six months. And yet now is when he has finally chose to give up the fight and the struggle


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