Iam still awake

Sun, 05/03/2020 - 13:11 -- nabaz

wound of the star

I'm still awake ...
Iam still awake and another day hitting my window
I think about myself, I think about people of this era
Thinking of anything, remains beautiful until that moment doesn't touched by a human
I'm still awake and my eyes are sleepy
It doesn't matter where my shoes are,
I can stroll around my world without shoes
I am still awake..
I am still not waiting for anyone
I don't want someone to come, and fades the star of my heart
I don't want anyone to knock on my door, and terrify my loneliness
I don't want anyone to come, and light the fire of loneliness in my heart's fireplace again
I'm still awake ...
I want to go to the mountains
And look at this city from above
I feel it's small as happiness, you can put it in one laugh
I feel it's as big as love, I can't find myself in it.
I want to go to the alley
I stand in a corner, and be happy by seeing the children singing in Kurdish language
I want to go to the street
And once I see anyone i will ask him:
If there is no heart, where was the dwelling of the beloved ?!
I'm still awake ...
And sunlight of a new day, comes to the inside of my window
The stars of the sky faded, but the star of my heart shines
By the shining of the star of my heart, I know that the wound will not be forgotten
I'm still awake ...
But a new day yawns in front of my window
I leave the house, and make my way
Those who come after me will go, just as those who went before me
And you always get closer to the loneliness, when you put another day on your life
I walk next to a cemetery
My thinking tells me:
Those who are inside this graveyard , laugh at the life's coquetry of this era
Suddenly I find myself on the market
I feel strange
My head is getting heavy , and I feel the world is like a drunk who doesn't know how to walk
The outside makes me tired
I should go home
I must learn that and know :
The light that doesn't come from your inside , a new day will not come by comings of the sun
If the flower of love dried in your heart, you doesn't find beauty by looking to the flowers of the gardens
If the pain of the days didn't wake you up, you will not wake up with the dagger of death either
Any way ..
All the times , the sky has its own stars
It's clear for me :
The things that makes me not turn my back on the life, is the wounding of my heart
The things that doesn't make me dark, the star of my heart
I love this wound
shines in the sky of my heart as a star

Nabaz goran

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