I, You are Awesome

Tue, 08/04/2015 - 15:11 -- TRVTH
I used to think I was suppose to be thicker.
She used to say "you can't be black, your hair is to good."
He never gave me any attention.
I grew up with standards 
I did not set.
Thanks to eyes that glanced looking for perfect
and quickly averted, seeing far less.
Stars pass. Things are clearer.
For me not for them,
For now I understand
I am, you are awesome
No matter what is said.
Awesome forever, aww.some with flaws
Find the aww in some, see the beauty in all.
Artistic with minor flaws
Wise with more to learn 
Energetic longing for sleep
Open minded, set opinions
Motivational, some doubts
Emotional, few attachments
That is aww for some but awe for me.
For I know it is flaws which create the beauty they see.
ARTISTIC values show growth in the WISE
The ENERGY and STRENGTH of a stallion in its prime
OPEN to the faults of the lyin in its den
And quick to MOTIVATE the sheep to search within
EMOTIONAL to sighs of those who can not stand
That is awesome, so awwsome
the finest of man
Rarity in the qualities of awesomeness at hand
I am awwsome, you are awesome 
So this rarity is at hand 
I am awesome, you are awwsome
And our fate rest in our hands
Therefore everything is awesome
Do not you understand?
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Hey, I think this is an awesome poem from a awesome poet!! My great niece!!


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