I Wrote This Poem For You


I wrote this poem for you,

and i supose it will be the last one I'll ever do.

I know I have to let you go,

but i just want you to know.

That you'll akways be in my heart.

Just like from the very start.

From the first day I saw you,

my love has always been true.

For you are perfect in every way,

and all that I can say...

Is that I read your texts every night,

and oh how I cherish the sight,

of every word that you wrote down,

but all I can do now is frown.

For I cry every time I think of you,

and your perfection too.

My only wish is that you understand,

that i feel trapped on some foreign land.

For I lost someone so close to my heart.

My once sweet life now tastes so tart.

Im sorry for all the pain I may have brought up,

for I never would want to stirup,

your life that i had a small part to undertake.

Now i must leave for your sake.

I love you,

and how I wish you would love me too.




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