I write for me

Wed, 08/07/2013 - 23:56 -- she8925


I write for me

To show everybody

Who has ever been mean to me

That I have a way to get my anger out

Without doing unto them what they have done to me.


I write for me

To get the thoughts out of my head

The ones I think about while in bed

So they have a safe place to rest

Instead of a self-destructive nest

Made out of my jumbled up thoughts.


I write for me

To get myself through tough times

When nothing seems to be fine

I’ve gotten through depression

Sometimes something comes up and ruins my mood

The sadness always comes back

Like dinner leftovers.


I write for me

And all of the possibilities

It’s a way to express my creativity

Turning my thoughts into words for people to see

Possibly giving people insight

So that their path may be given light

To guide them through hard times

Making the world a little more sublime


I write for me

And I write for you

For my friends

And my enemies too

Not everyone agrees

But what I write is true

I’ll be the better “man”

I won’t say screw you

Because you would be winning

Even though you’re a hypocrite sinning

I’m not saying I’m not

I just try to be original

Instead of a copy-cat robot

Like so many I see in society



I write for me

On the long nights

When I should be sleeping

Instead I write

Once the creativity flows

It doesn’t want to stop

The words keep coming

Until I’m too tired

And my eyes are going to pop.


I write for me

And who I want to be

So I can look back at the past

Leaving words on paper that will last

Only a part of me

My words written down for the world to see



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