I Write Here


United States
30° 17' 26.4876" N, 81° 34' 14.1996" W

I write to be free,
To see another fate beyond the trees,
Scratching on the door of closer,
When I can be me and let imagination take over.
Typing on a steady rhythm of a key,
As steady and mellow of the sea,
Letting my mind flow out words,
Taking them on a journey in herds,
Like cows their black and white,
Day and Night.
I write to feel good,
Not misunderstood,
The feeling and emotions,
The passion and devotion,
Is what I admire about writing the most,
No I’m not trying to boast,
I am what my writing states,
I am a steady pace,
‘A steady pace’ means what you want it to mean,
Because my writing will never be in-between and unseen.


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