I write for a better tomorrow..


So that my kids don't have to witness deceit.

So that my kids won't have to meet defeat.

So that my kids won't have to live on the streets.

So that the true justice may be served!

So that the true evil within this world gets what it deserves!

So that we the people stop going down this sloping curve!

It's time to awaken!

Take back this forsaken,

Land, lend a hand,

And open the glands called pineal!

So that the subconscious within can see what is truly real!

So we don't have spill blood in order to gain this quote and quote ideal called... "peace."

Such a dirty game they run, hands filled with grease!

The government will lie to you, your nephews, and your niece!

God, give me the strength to thunder the missing piece!

Everyday we getter dumber,

As we keep living in slumber,

They'll keep reducing our numbers,

And they'll treat us like cucumbers.

Open your eyes, please sir, please open your lids!

I think it's time for us to get rid,

Of all the evil, for what they did!

All it takes is leader!

All it takes is a defeater!

With bravery of a proceeder!

I cannot do it alone, but I will if I must

All I require from you all is just your trust.

My words are action enough,

Because I enchant them with Truth!

Me and God will show you the proof!

Fighting for true freedom!

For is this is the reason I write.

So that maybe ony day I can sleep a truly peace filled night.




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