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All day at school
Feeling Alone
No one to talk to
Friend? I had not one

I was depressed
Cuts on my arm
I'm not good enough
These thoughts causing harm

Wanting to fit in
Decided to diet
Took it to the next level
Kept my struggles quiet

Skip one meal today
Skip two tomorrow
Forget eating all together
Block the feeling of sorrow

The pounds slipped away
But it never was enough
110, 105, 100
Parents started calling my bluff

"You're looking a bit thin"
"Are you eating?"
Of course I was
Their trust; I was mistreating

Weaker, slower
My parents were through
To the hospital I went
What did I get myself into?

They were making me fat
Self conscious and anxious
So many emotions
My mind so obnoxious

The doctors recommended
Take a pen to paper
Get everything I felt out
Hopefully to feel better

Relieved and Satisfied
When I had no one
There was my journal
Helped me through a ton

I use this method
Every time I feel down
Whether angry or sad
It helps all around

Now I live a healthy lifestyle
But when I have to fight
Those crazy thoughts
I Write

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this poem inspired me a lot. I had anorexia as well and it is nice to know I am not the only one. Alone does not protect, friends protect.

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