I Wouldn't Know

Do you know me?

Do you know what it's like to be me?

Have you taken a walk in my shoes?

Oh! I'm just a little black girl in this America we live in.

I just have to work a little harder...

Be a little politer...

Stand a little taller...

Pull my hair up a little tighter.

Wait! Or I could just straighten it,


I'm just a little black girl in this grand ole' USA,

Where my little brother may not always be able to go outside and play.

Hold up, let me just get straight to the point okay.

Is there even still a Black Lives Matter today?

Cuz I know we're still killing our own souls in every way.

But I'm just a little black girl in this great big world.

I wouldn't know.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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Hope you enjoy!

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