I Would Change Animal Abuse

In times of wishing for a change
I would change the way some humans treat animals
Animals are humans too, hurting them won't do anything
Good for you or them.
Why must you hurt them?
Why can't you keep your hands to yourself?
What makes you want to hurt them?
I would change how they treat them
Because animals have feelings too and they can get hurt too
All they do is love and support you but than
You turn around and hurt them
That is not okay, you need to not own any animals.
We need a world of not hurting animals
Because at some point there will be no more
To support us and be our bestfriends
They are our companions and deserve to have a safe environment.
They give us unforgivable love
Unforgivable hope and support
That is why we need change in the world
Because animals do not deserve to get hurt anymore but get unconditional love! <3


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